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居澳港人 44日
澳洲代表有自由黨 Andrew Hastie MP 同工黨 Senator Kimberley Kitching。大家直接發電郵:

Andrew Hastie MP, [email protected]

Senator Kimberley Kitching, senator. [email protected]

之前有公開支持過香港人既議員包括 Tim Wilson MP, [[email protected]] , Kevin Andrews MP, [[email protected]] 建議大家對佢哋發表意見。


- Australia citizens can be prosecuted under Article 38 irrespective of their Country of Residence.

- Aussie Hong Kongers are living in fear of loosing their basic human rights.

- Australia needs to bring forward legislation accelerating efforts to audit and reduce strategic dependency on China. This should form part of a broader effort to review and recalibrate relations with the People’s Republic of China, at both a national and international level.

- Australia to offer protection to Hong Kong citizens (in Hong Kong and Aus) in danger of persecution through an international “lifeboat” scheme organised by a coalition of democracies. This would offer a path for Hong Kong citizens seeking an escape route as a last resort.

- Australia to demand the United Nations Secretary General to designate a UN Special Envoy to monitor and to report on Hong Kong. It is crucial that the People’s Republic of China is held accountable for its international treaty obligations to the people of Hong Kong.

下列各MP/ Senate澳洲代表為·前港督彭定康及英國前外相聶韋敬發起國際聯署的議員通過聯署信表達對香港自治和港人的支持:

Vicki Dunne MP, [email protected]

Andrew Hastie MP, [email protected]

Ian Goodenough MP, [email protected]

Peter Khalil MP, [email protected] aph.gov.au

Janelle Saffin MP, [email protected]

Dave Sharma MP, [email protected]

Phillip Thompson MP, [email protected]

Members of the Senate

Senator Eric Abetz, [email protected]

Senator Alex Antic, [email protected]

Senator Slade Brockman, [email protected]

Senator Matthew Canavan, [email protected]

Senator Claire Chandler , senator. [email protected]

Senator David Fawcett, [email protected]

Senator Matthew O’Sullivan, senator.matt.o'[email protected]

Senator James Paterson, [email protected]

Senator Tony Sheldon, [email protected]

Senator Amanda Stoker, [email protected]